Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cessna 152: Marshall County, Mississippi

A student pilot's first lesson covers more than just the basics of flying, when her instructor was forced to make an emergency landing. It happened around 10:30 Tuesday morning when their small plane started having engine trouble over Marshall County, Mississippi.

Fortunately both the instructor and student walked away without a scratch.

Caitlin Russell appeared calm, cool, and collected shortly after the plane she was having her first ever flight lesson in made an emergency landing in a wheat field.

"You could feel it....that something was wrong," she said.

Caitlin's instructor, Casey Lyon says he made the call to take the plane down when he noticed the engine of the 2-seater Cessna 152 wasn't producing enough power to stay in the air.

"It was constantly reving up and reving back down," said Lyon.

Lyon took control of the plane and decided to land. Caitlin says she then made the decision to just close her eyes and she was soon safely on the ground.

Caitlin doesn't consider the experience a bad omen. In fact, she plans to pursue her dreams of flying on her own one day.

"I love it. I want to keep doing it. Eventually, I want to be a pilot. You just have to get back on the horse."

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