Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pilatus PC-9 (M) Irish Air Corps: Galway plane crash report. Bad weather may have disoriented pilot.

A report has been published into a plane crash in Co. Galway which killed 2 people.

On October 12th 2009 the aircraft was on a military training flight en-route from Casement Aerodrome in Dublin to Galway Airport.

An instructor and cadet were on board.

However conditions worsened along the route and the plane crashed into a valley near Lough Mask in Co. Galway.

According to the Air Accident Investigation Unit the pilot may have become disoriented in the deteriorating weather.

It also found that as the craft approached high ground on the western shores of Lough Mask it crossed a ridge into a narrow and steep-sided valley.

It then commenced a rapid series of steep turns and turned onto a northerly heading while pitching up and climbing into cloud.

The aircraft then entered a progressively increasing pitch down attitude while rolling to the right.
It then impacted the northern slopes of the valley in a steep nose down.

Read the report here

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