Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Caught on Video: Helicopter Cliff Rescues

Cameras attached to rescuers' helmets provided dramatic views from the rescuers' perspectives during a busy weekend when five LA Sheriff's Department airlifts were conducted in the Angeles National Forest.

The rescues included a 19-year-old South Pasadena woman who was airlifted Sunday afternoon from a cliff above Altadena. The woman became trapped about 100 feet above Millard Canyon during a hike with friends.

The woman nearly let go of the cliff to jump into the arms of Paramedic Deputy Ricky Hernandez as he was lowered to her location, but Hernandez was close enough to reach out to her, authorities said.

"He motioned to her to wait, and was able to attach the safety harness before we hoisted her up into the rescue helicopter," said Sgt. Tom Giandomenico, crew chief of the rescue. "If she had let go before we were ready, she would not have survived the fall."

Two more teens were rescued on the ground nearby.

The woman was one of 15 people rescued as part of five Angeles Forest operations during the weekend.

Sunday: Four boys were airlifted from an Azuza Canyon cliff Sunday. They were airlifted -- one at a time -- from the mountainside north of Azusa.

Saturday: Two men were injured and one was killed in a fall off Angeles Crest Highway. One of the men flagged down a passing motorist after the men fell into a deep ravine, about 500 feet over the side of the freeway.

Saturday: Three hikers were rescued in a night-time airlift in Eaton Canyon. Two men and a woman, all age 19, were all wearing light-weight clothing during a cold evening. They took an off-trail shortcut and became disoriented, according to authorities.

Saturday: In another evening rescue, search teams found two Boy Scouts and their leader in the Mount Wilson area. The were equipped for the conditions, but failed to arrive at their destination and staff members notified the sheriff's department.

by LA County Sheriff on Jan 23, 2012

A U.S. Forestry Recreation Technician working in the Angeles National Forest noticed several people who appeared to be trapped on a cliff near Altadena and called in rescuers at 11:57AM on Sunday, January 22, 2012.

by LA County Sheriff on Jan 23, 2012

A 14-year old boy managed to get cell phone reception and called 9-1-1 from an Azuza Canyon cliffside Sunday afternoon. This led to Air-5 Rescue pilots & Emergency Services Detail (Special Enforcement Bureau) paramedic deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department flying in and rescuing a total of four boys, one at a time.

by LA County Sheriff on Jan 23, 2012

Shortly after noon Saturday, January 21, an injured man on the side of the road on Angeles Crest Highway flagged down a passerby and told them two other people were hurt after falling into a ravine.

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