Thursday, January 26, 2012

Airplane incidents going unnoticed in wake of Costa Concordia disaster

Airline industry executives must be breathing a huge sigh of relief as pictures of a stricken cruise liner dominated the headlines of travel websites around the globe.

With the eyes of the world firmly fixed on the tragic events on the Costa Concordia, many serious incidents suffered by airlines have been, erm… flying under the radar the last few weeks.

Qantas, British Airways and JAL have all suffered negative press over recent episodes with their air fleets but have pretty much dodged the negative PR bullet after events off the coast of western Italy took centre stage.

Firstly, a preliminary report by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau stated a faulty pipe caused a chain of events that resulted in an explosion on a Qantas flight from Singapore to Sydney last year.

Not only were Qantas forced to ground their fleet of new planes but consumer confidence in the new superjumbo also took a knock, especially after cracks were found in some of the planes’ wings.

Then came news of two British Airways flights that sent their passengers into panic. One plane was forced to turn back after both pilots complained of feeling light-headed in the cockpit, while the second erroneously played an emergency landing recording that informed passengers they were going to be crash landing into the sea.

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