Thursday, January 26, 2012

Essex Skypark Association: Petition to SAVE the Skypark from being closed by Baltimore County

Why This Is Important

Essex Skypark is a small, general aviation airport that is publicly owned and open for public use.The Skypark is surrounded by over 500 acres of undisturbed and pristine wetlands and heavy forest. With a 2,100 foot paved runway and one of the few seaplane facilities on the east coast, Essex has been a haven for aviation enthusiasts. It is our intent to demonstrate the viability and need of Essex Skypark to Baltimore County, the State of Maryland and our local community.   Visit our webiste to learn more:

Essex Skypark Chapter IV from eric klimt on Vimeo.
Former NASA Astronaut Tom Jones reminisces about his experience as a young aviation enthusiast and Essex Skypark

Essex Skypark Chapter I from eric klimt on Vimeo.

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