Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jet Diverts To San Antonio When Man Lights Cigarette

SAN ANTONIO (AP/ CBS Houston) —- A passenger has been accused of smoking and causing a ruckus on a California-bound Continental Airlines jet, which then diverted to San Antonio.

A detention hearing is scheduled Friday for Manolin Jesus Villaverde of Miami.

The FBI says Villaverde has been charged with interfering with flight crew members Tuesday night.

Investigators say Villaverde became unruly, on Continental Flight 1287 from Houston to Ontario, Calif., when he lit up twice and was told to put out the cigarettes. Other passengers helped a flight attendant subdue Villaverde.

The pilot then landed in San Antonio and Villaverde was removed. The jet continued on to its destination, arriving about two hours late.

The fine for smoking on an airplane can range from $2,200 for smoking in a seat or cabin to $3,300 for smoking in an airplane’s bathroom.

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