Saturday, October 01, 2011

Council approves expenditures at Klamath Falls Airport (KLMT), Oregon

The Klamath Falls City Council approved three expenditures, worth $356,268, as part of a Klamath Falls Airport improvement grant.

Federal Aviation Administration grant money will cover 95 percent of the cost, and the remaining $17,814 will come from the airport budget.

With $251,190 of the grant, the airport will purchase a new heavy-duty snow removal truck from Western Systems & Fabrication.

Airport Operation Manager Bill Hancock specified the snow removal equipment be a heavy duty, conventional full truck with a diesel-powered chassis unit, runway plow, and dump body.

None of the six bids received, between $243,300 and $288,700, met the exact specifications, but Hancock determined Western Systems & Fabrication's truck, the third-lowest bid, was the closest match.

TOMCO Electric, of Bend, was awarded an $81,078 contract to finish installing runway weather information system equipment along the full length of the runway. The equipment measures surface conditions to gauge snow removal and deicing.

One other company, Winema Electric, quoted nearly $100,000 for the project.

Webb Asphalt of Klamath Falls was awarded a $24,000 contract to pave the munitions road at the Klamath Falls Airport.

Two other companies quoted amounts more than $36,800 and nearly $50,000 for the paving.

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