Friday, November 20, 2020

Tampa Police Department Aviation Unit captures Rescue on Camera

SARASOTA, Florida (WWSB) - A dramatic rescue was caught on camera by Tampa Police after a couple was stranded after a jet ski crash. The couple crashed and ended up in the water for more than two hours before being reported missing by family members at night, The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission says.

Watch and listen to the rescue as FWC officers, the Tampa Police Department, and the Tampa Fire Rescue respond immediately and begin searching for the couple.

FWC says The TPD Aviation Unit helicopter located the couple in the water by a bridge. They could see both were alive and wearing their life jackets, but one of the victims was struggling to keep the other person’s head above water.

TPD Aviation led FWC Officer Wilkins to the scene and he brought them on board his vessel to safety.

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