Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Piper PA-28R-200 Arrow II, N99YP: Incident occurred July 21, 2019 at Boone Inc Airport (NC14), Watauga County, North Carolina

Federal Aviation Administration / Flight Standards District Office; Charlotte, North Carolina

Aircraft went off the end of the runway and struck a fence.

Shoreline Aviation LLC

Date: 21-JUL-19
Time: 18:07:00Z
Regis#: N99YP
Aircraft Make: PIPER
Aircraft Model: PA28R
Event Type: INCIDENT
Highest Injury: NONE
Aircraft Missing: No
Flight Phase: LANDING (LDG)
Operation: 91

BOONE, North Carolina — None of the four passengers on a single-engine aircraft were injured after the plane ended up off the runway following an aborted takeoff on Sunday, July 21.

The incident was first reported at 1:48 p.m. Boone Police, North Carolina State Highway Patrol, Boone Fire and Watauga Medics responded to the scene and helped divert traffic away from the 300 block of Bamboo Road, where the wing of the plane was resting.

According to a report filed by Boone Police Sgt. Dennis O’Neal, the pilot, identified as Christian Alvarado, stated he was attempting a takeoff when he noticed a vibration coming from the airplane’s engine.

“Alvarado reported that (the) aircraft was traveling at 60 mph and that he attempted to abort the take off,” the report stated. “Alvarado reported that the aircraft did not have sufficient distance to stop. As a result, the aircraft traveled off of the runway and struck a chain-link (fence) before coming to rest in the ditch.”

Boone Police spokesperson Sgt. Geoff Hayes said the plane was traveling from west to east and was was never airborne.

Hayes said he was unable to provide details about why the plane did not take off, pending an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board.

The police report says the plane sustained damage to the propeller, lower engine cowling, front landing gear and both wings.

Hampton’s Body Shop also responded to the scene and removed the aircraft from the ditch and then left it secure on the property of Boone Airport.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the plane is registered to Shoreline Aviation LLC of Centreville, Maryland.

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  1. FAA database [yeah, I know it lags] has two Christian Alvarado, both with middle initial J.
    One is a mechanic with no pilot ticket listed.
    One has a 2008 student pilot.

  2. 3120 feet elevation, 2700 paved strip, DA who knows, 4 people in an Arrow. Wonder what the book t/o distance was?

  3. 1:53 PM (local) 21 July 2019
    temp 89 F dew point 70 F humidity 53 % W10 mph 0 mph 28.4 in 0.0 in 0.0 in Partly Cloudy

    Per the above- DA was indeed an issue- calculated at 7804 ft

  4. Piper charts show a ground run of 2,000 ft for density altitude of 6,000 with 0 flaps. 1,500 ground run with flaps to 25.

    Density altitude above 7,000 is invalid.

    Anon @ 6:16 -- agree with your numbers (page 9-2 POH)

  6. what is really needed is the t/o weight of the aircraft

  7. I say they were at gross takeoff weight given 4 people.

  8. could be over on the weight also

  9. Newspaper states police report indicates aircraft was taking off....FAA reports aircraft in "landing" phase. Somebody's not got their story straight.

  10. Gross weight or over, with over gross the likely issue. DA of 6,000 on a hot July day. Seems like a very easy scenario to figure out. Aborted take off with not much runway left. He more than likely pulled the power because he did not get off by the time he thought he should, and panicked and pulled the power with not enough RW left, and the ditch and fence caught him.