Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Feds say 10 airline workers at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (KDFW) used flights to distribute 'methamphetamine'

DALLAS — Federal authorities say ten airline employees who worked at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport used commercial flights to distribute methamphetamine in exchange for pay.

But they didn't know the drugs were actually fake -- and they were working with undercover officers.

The counterfeit meth was flown to other states, including Arizona, New Jersey, and North Carolina. Authorities say they ended the sting operation when at least one worker said he was willing to smuggle guns and explosives on board.

The employees were arrested Monday and are charged with conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute a controlled substance.

"Like many cases that my office prosecutes, this is about greed and people who abuse their positions of trust. This case shows the lengths that these individuals would go to -- individuals who are trusted with insider knowledge of our commercial airport system -- that they will go to to just obtain cash. It shows that these criminal defendants were more than willing to use their trusted positions at the airport to bypass security measures and to exploit security vulnerabilities. This case also highlights something else, something that is important. It is what can be accomplished when we work together -- federal and local law enforcement, airport facilities, security personnel, as well as the airlines themselves -- in making sure that the safety and security of the traveling public is priority number one, and that contraband -- whether dangerous drugs, guns, or explosives -- are kept out of the hands of employees that cannot be trusted. We continue to work with our partners, including dfw airport, the transportation security administration, and others to ensure that these individuals will be brought to justice as quickly as possible," said Erin Nealy Cox, U.S. attorney with the Northern District of Texas.

Cox said no actual drugs, explosives, or guns were transported on the flights.

The defendants worked for Envoy air, which is a regional carrier owned by American Airlines and for Spirit Airlines. 

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