Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Success of Dubois Regional Airport (KDUJ) lends to long-standing business

Reynoldsville, Jefferson County, Pa. - Inside the flight deck in the DuBois Regional Airport owner, Patrick Doksa, can be found cooking in the kitchen. 

He purchased the restaurant almost two decades ago. "I was flying in and out of here a lot at that time. We had a charter service," says Doksa.

However, the falls creek native was the one flying the planes.He worked as a commercial airline pilot since he was 18. "I've been flying for 32 years, I've been here for 18 of those 32 and flying in and out of the DuBois airport for 24," adds the seasoned pilot.  

He says he's seen one of the biggest upturns since the switch to Southern Airway Express in 2017. Airport officials say strong numbers BRINGS IN CUSTOMERS. According to the Airport manager, Bob Shaffer, "We saw some activity with general activity with general aviation flying yesterday. A dozen plus aircrafts coming in for breakfast." 

The inflow of new passengers has allowed Doksa to complete some renovations. Doksa says he'll be modernizing the World War II decor that has been there for decades. The main focus will be paying tribute to the local veterans. "I'm going to work with some local places to get local people to get their pictures back up here," adds Doksa. 

Doksa says the inflow of passengers has been great but he also holds a steady base of customers from local residents. 

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