Saturday, January 20, 2018

Flying in style with FoilaFly

Story and photos by Bernard L. Supetran

With the onset of a new year, it has become an obligatory ritual for every jaded traveler or adventurer to try something new or visit a unique and remote destination, away from the madding crowd of commercial tourist zones.

Those who have the moolah and the grit to take their passion to greater heights, quite literally, can either fly a private plane, own one or ride one, at the very least.

Taking to the sky used to be a pie in the sky just a few decades ago, with the prohibitive costs involved of pilot schooling. Well, not anymore with FoilaFly, which aims to revolutionize air travel and usher in a new era in personal transportation.

The official distributor and service center of Cirrus Aircraft in the country, it is much like a one-stop shop for aviation aficionados who once dreamt of rekindling their childhood fascination for flying.

“We are committed to the future of aviation through smart, safety, ease of operation and, most important, continuous innovation. Our aim is to bring flying closer to bigger spectrum of the target market. This is a lifestyle and business-oriented flying club,” Cirrus brand ambassador and FoilaFly CEO Lester Codog enthused.

The firm has partnered with Cirrus Aircraft, a trusted global brand in producing all-composite personal aircraft that incorporates advanced electronic and standard safety technologies.

The firm’s standard planes are single-engine four-seater Cirrus SR20s and SR22s, which are equipped with safety features like Cirrus Perspective by Garmin avionics and the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System, the only one of its kind among the current crop of aircraft that will enable it to land even under an extreme emergency.

Surprisingly enough, they can be had for just about the cost of a luxury sports car.

These sleek, fully automated aircraft are capable of short take-offs and landings even in unpaved airstrips, which gives travelers access to remote destinations not serviced by commercial airlines.

This flexibility enables pilots and passengers opt for the more exciting “air odyssey,” where they can hop around the country’s airports that are gateways to popular and up-and-coming destinations without passing through the congested airports.

Its panoramic interiors also enable passengers to admire the scenic spots from above and take Instagram-worthy photos.

Codog said the firm has formed the FoilaFly Aero Club, a unique group of pilots that provides aviation enthusiasts the privilege of enjoyable traveling across the archipelago through safe and inexpensive flying.

“As a member of the Philippines’s premier flying club, you can share with everyone your love and great enthusiasm of flying, and along with many, a colorful story of important events in your life and you have the freedom to fly as often as you want because you own the airplane,” he added.

The Aero Club conforms with Cirrus Standards and is undergoing certification by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines to operate domestic flights. With facilities in Manila, Bulacan and Clark, FoilaFly is a Flight Training Center that provides aircraft rental/ownership for recreational pilots.

Every member undergoes flight training of up to 50 flying hours with the user-friendly Cirrus before being allowed to fly his own aircraft.

The Aero Club also offers services to those members who previously own Cirrus aircraft, such as tie-downs, 24-hour fuel availability and a guarded hangar.

FoilaFly is an expansion binge with the acquisition of more planes, including the Vision Jet, which raises the bar in aviation with its introduction of the “personal jet” lifestyle.

Down the road, the aviation firm intends of integrate air, land and sea vehicles, as well as board and lodging for a seamless tour package.

“When you become a Cirrus owner, you aren’t merely taking up a hobby, you are choosing a whole new lifestyle full of freedom, choices and responsibilities,” Codog concluded.

With all these advantages working to your favor, having your own plane will never be like flying on a wing and a prayer again.

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