Saturday, January 20, 2018

Fremont Municipal Airport (KFET) committee learns about letter, leases

The Fremont Airport Advisory Committee learned on Friday about letters sent to hangar tenants for required information.

Dave Goedeken, director of public works for the City of Fremont, told the committee that the city received a letter stating it must provide information of all aircraft housed at the airport.

The information, sought by the Nebraska Department of Revenue, must be filed with the county assessor of where the aircraft is located by Feb. 1. Those who don’t comply will be subject to fines.

Tenants will get letters in the mail requesting the following information: date aircraft was first based at the location; name, address of aircraft owner; make and model or type, horsepower and year of aircraft, number of engines; and aircraft FAA registration number.

The information can be sent via email or postal mail to the city.

In other business, Goedeken told the committee that he sat down with Fremont attorney Dave Mitchell, who at the December meeting, said he saw numerous areas of inconsistencies in a recent a hangar rental agreement prepared by the former city attorney.

“The biggest thing he (Mitchell) had issues with was the insurance requirements,” Goedeken said. “He’s going to rewrite that and put it into better lease-tenant-landlord terms. There were some redundancies in the lease so he was taking all of that out.”

Goedeken said tenants will pay the old rate for hangars until the new lease takes effect.

Rent for a “T” hangar will increase from $165 per month to $181.50 and for bulk hangars from $330 to $363. Lease rates were last adjusted in 2012.

In November, the Fremont City Council approved the hangar lease agreement and adopted the Fremont airport’s rules and regulations.

Leases will extend for five years with tenants having the option to renew after that time.

In a report to the council, Goedeken said the increase in rates will generate an additional $12,672 of total rent per year at full hangar capacity.

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