Saturday, January 20, 2018

2 United States airliners missing same landing gear part after landing in Japan

Two U.S. airliners were found to be missing the same landing gear piece after landing this week at Narita airport near Tokyo, according to separate announcements by the airlines.

On Saturday, a 30-centimeter-long spring was found missing from the landing gear of a United Airlines plane that landed at Narita, the U.S. airline said.

On Tuesday, the same type of spring was missing from an American Airlines aircraft that landed at the airport, according to the airline.

The spring is believed to have come off the United Airlines' plane during the flight of the Boeing 777 aircraft from Houston, United said.

The aircraft involved in Tuesday's incident was also a Boeing 777, according to American Airlines.

The office of the transport ministry at the Narita airport said it temporarily closed a runway Saturday to search for the missing part but did not find it. It also said the safety of the flight was not affected.

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