Saturday, September 02, 2017

Letter: Pursue your dreams, not escapism

Capt. James Riordan


Back on Friday, August 11th, the Free Press posted an article titled; “Fire captain takes off for new career.” The article was about a man who was retiring from the Elko Fire Department and was moving to Kanab, Utah where he was going to provide aviation tours in his own personal plane.

On Monday morning, August 15th, I’m outside and I hear an aircraft flying overhead and I finally locate the plane and watch it a while. Climbing and climbing, circling and circling, and from what I see, I think it is someone out for a morning spin and then I thought about the story in Friday’s paper and thought to myself that maybe that’s who it was.

You know currently, we read and hear about so much racial hate, violence and killings, which often doesn’t leave a lot of space for “Dreams.” Dreams are and can be for real but you must try to make that Dream become a reality, not through false hopes or corrupt ideology but what is in your heart for that Dream.

Learning about the strength and power within your ancestral culture, traditions, customs and beliefs, can provide you with a strong path to follow but you must refrain from darkening that destiny with alcohol and drugs.

Don’t fall prey to peer pressure, don’t fall prey to foolhardy scams and cons, but learn about yourself, what you like, what you desire and what your ambitions are and do not follow people who have always led an unsteady lying life.

Life can change fast, one minute we are watching an historic total eclipse, the next we are watching tragedy in Texas, which is why each and every one of us must make an effort to help our young people grab a hold of reality, a reality that does not exist in alcohol and drugs.

The retiring fire captain is sincerely pursuing an ambition, a prime example to follow and in this day and age where your political world is in upheaval and chaotic, our youth, our future generations need justified role models and good people.

Larry Kibby

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