Saturday, September 2, 2017

Special flight brings teen back to Columbia Falls

KALISPELL - A sophomore and star runner at Columbia Falls High School recently diagnosed with leukemia has been in Denver receiving treatment. Although she couldn't attend the first day of school this week, thanks to a non-profit organization Kimberly Peacock did get to return home - in style - on her own private jet.

"It feels wonderful to bring her back home. This was probably the best medicine for her is to get home again," said Heather Peacock, Kimberly's mom. "When her blood counts are high enough then she'll be able to go back to school. School started today so we will be working with her and the school system on whether she able to be physically present in the school or not."

15-year-old Kimberly Peacock was embraced by her father as she exited a jet that took her home from Denver. 

Since her diagnosis about four weeks ago she has gone through multiple surgeries, received chemotherapy and has lost most of her hair -- and h
Her immune system is too weak for her to be around the public.

AeroAngel a non-profit out of Denver that provides free flights for patients going through medical treatment who can't travel by commercial airline.
AeroAngel averages about one flight per month and relies on volunteer professional pilots to do flights on short-notice in all types of weather conditions.

The Founder of AeroAngel, Mark Pestal, flew Kimberly into Glacier Park International Airport himself.

"I think particularly when you know somebody is going through this really come along side with them, alongside of them in their health journey and you know just kind of get them to the next point is really great to be able to help out a great family and a great young girl who has a bright future ahead of her," Pestal said.

Kimberly's parents say she has a long road of recovery ahead but they say her prognosis is good. They also expressed their gratitude for the community of Columbia Falls who has been a major support for their daughter.

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