Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Air Force drop zone request at Red Wing Regional Airport (KRGK), Goodhue County, Minnesota

City of Red Wing has been asked to consider the potential use of the Red Wing Regional Airport as a drop zone for Air Force training purposes.

The Airport Board will discuss and listen to recommendations on what the next steps are during a meeting 4 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 6.

An email for the request was sent from Brandon Schrader, chief of weapons and tactics to Rick Moskwa, Red Wing public works director, states:

"The 934th Airlift Wing is searching for a drop zone closer to MSP for training. This drop zone would be a tertiary drop zone for us and would potentially be used 50-80 times a year. We conduct airdrops from 500-1,000 feet," Schrader said. "Our airdropped loads are a 15 pound sandbag with a small parachute, which are under canopy for up to 30 seconds."

For more information, see the Airport Board agenda at www.red-wing.org/airportboard.html.

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