Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Woodbine Municipal Airport (KOBI) Receives Funds for TERP Surface Obstruction Removal Construction Project

WOODBINE - The Woodbine Municipal Airport has been selected to received grant funding in the amount of $74,593.89 (Grant) from the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s FY2017 Airport Improvement Program for 20:1 TERP Surface Obstruction Removal Construction project.

The scope of work includes the trimming of trees that penetrate the TERP surface at various heights. A total area of approximately 3.5 acres of trees will be trimmed. The approach to Runway 31 has the largest amount of penetrating trees five (5). The approach to Runway 19, has two (2) penetrating trees and the approach to Runway 13, has one (1) penetrating tree. The construction will be divided into three (3) project work areas to account for all of the affected runway approaches.

This project includes the coordinating of the bidding process including the distribution of bid documents for the 20:1 TERP Surface Obstruction Removal project at Woodbine Municipal Airport. The night operations have been restricted for the airport as a result of the numerous trees penetrating into the 20:1 TERP surface.

The location of trees to be trimmed will be the responsibility of the contractor by a licensed surveyor and verified by the Engineer on record. The total area of tree trimming is approximately 3.5 acres located at the 13, 31 and 19 Runway approaches. The contractor will trim a 75 foot radius from the area identified by the Federal Aviation Authority. The contractor will be required to trim trees 10 feet below the 20:1 TERP surface to provision for future growth.

“We thank DOT for awarding us this funding, which will allow us to complete the 20:1 TERP Surface Obstruction Removal Construction work already underway,” added Mayor Pikolycky.

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