Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Bombardier Starts Apprenticeship Program to Encourage Aviation Careers

Planes need mechanics, and a career in aviation is taking off. In Bridgeport, one company is looking for locals to expand their work place.

Bombardier, an aviation company, has started an apprenticeship program to encourage more individuals in this area to look to the sky when it comes to employment.

"Well, the apprenticeship program gives us the opportunity to bring in local talent and train them to fill job opportunities that we are going to have in our business over the coming years," said Chad Hill, director of operations.

Hill said this area has all the resources individuals need to jump start a career in aviation, which include a school, a growing industry, and a company invested in the community.

"Well, I think the important thing is the aviation industry in general in West Virginia is a growing industry and I hope this program brings attention to that. We have a great school here next door that trains for the AMP mechanics and I would love to see enrollment up in that school, to drive a pipeline of trained mechanics into the industry here in West Virginia," said Hill.

"This isn't just something that we want to have a job. We want to make a career for these individuals so if you are interested in aviation or mechanics in general, this is a great avenue to start a career," said Mike Genin, manager of operations.

Those interested in a career in aviation and working for Bombardier can go to the Bridgeport Conference Center on June 26 to apply for an apprenticeship.

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