Wednesday, June 21, 2017

25th Annual Nebraska State Fly-In and Airfest set to take flight this weekend: Norfolk Regional Airport (KOFK)

NORFOLK, NE (NCN) -  The Nebraska State Fly-in and Airfest is returning to Norfolk this weekend in it's 25th year.

Whether in the sky or on the ground, organizers of the 25th Nebraska Fly-in and Airfest hope to share the thrill of flying in Norfolk this weekend.

Held in a different Nebraska city each year, the Nebraska Aeronautics Commission chose Norfolk Regional Airport as this year's destination.

Airfest organization committee member John Linke explains each location decides the best way to showcase their airport, and this year, Norfolk will take a trip back to World War II

"There's a P-51 Mustang and a P-40 which are fighter planes from WWII. And then there's a C-47 that is actually from WWII but was used during the Vietnam war as a gun ship. And there's a B-25 bomber that should be here," he said.

Linke remarks the WWII-era planes will be a treat for both the young and old.

"For some of the old folks around who are aware of what wen ton during ww2, these are exciting things, but I think also for young people they can see what we flew and how we fought world war 2. And, it gives a new, kinda realistic appraisal of history because it's flying right before your very eyes," he said.

Beginning at noon on Saturday, Linke says airshow spectators will witness parachute jumpers, a Piper Cub landing on top of a Suburban, a flyby by the Nebraska National Guard, and much more!

"The P-51 Mustang and the P-40 will probably make flybys and do some mild aerobatics, and I think there's going to be a mock combat display between a couple of other aircraft chasing each other around with simulated gun firing and that kind of thing," he said.

Linke says spectators will be able to walk through a corporate jet, and check out ground displays of army helicopters, military aircraft, and various planes.

On Friday morning, Linke says those willing to pay can go for a ride in the P-51 Mustang or Tandem jump with the Crete Skydiving Team.

More Airfest information and rules can be found at the Nebraska Airfest website.

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