Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Rans S-6S Coyote II, N627DK: Accident occurred December 02, 2016 - left wheel axle broke off during landing, strut dug into the grass, aircraft flipped over

AIRCRAFT:   2000 MOORE D R/MOORE K I  S-6S SUPER COYOTE II N627DK,  s/n 01001 355

ENGINE:   ROTAX 12S s/n:  442522       

PROPELLER:  WORP DRIVE (3 blade) s/n: T1315

APPROXIMATE TOTAL HOURS (estimated TT & TSMO from logbooks or other information):

ENGINE:   TT at last annual 1244.6 hours.

PROPELLER:    1244.6 hours  (destroyed)   

AIRFRAME:     1244.6 at last annual in November 2016

OTHER EQUIPMENT:      PS Engineering PD 7100, KLX 135A Comm, KT76A transponder, ELT ACT EL1

DESCRIPTION OF ACCIDENT:  On 12/02/16, the left wheel axle broke off during landing, the strut dug into the grass, and the aircraft flipped over.

DESCRIPTION OF DAMAGES:  The damage includes but may not be limited to:

The propeller broken blade, prop strike
Engine is bent up at a 45 degree angle, engine mounts are bent. Engine experienced prop strike.
Exhaust manifold is broken at welds.
Damage to firewall
Upper and lower cowling is damaged
Both gears doors are bent.
Windscreen was scratched and crazed from cowling impact
Rudder damage, vertical stabilizer damage, tail damage
Left wheel strut is damaged, left axle failed
Right wing tip crushed internally
Right wing attachment bolts are bent
Rudder cable is broken.
Aircraft tail has been twisted
Right side of instrument panel is damaged
Rear canopy Plexiglas is popped from mounting screws

LOCATION OF AIRCRAFT:   Sky Ranch Airport near Crestview, FL. 

REMARKS: The airframe has few areas that were not damaged, deformed, or bent. 

Read more here:   http://www.avclaims.com/N627DK.htm

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