Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Yankee Air Museum to offer historic airplane rides in May

Ever wonder what it was like for soldiers flying off to the Pacific front in World War II?

Visitors to the Yankee Air Museum can find out on May 20 when the facility offers rides on a historic Douglas C-47 Skytrain air transport plane as part of the Detroit Aviation and Airline Collectibles Show. It's the first time the  air museum will host public airplane rides, officials said.

“We call is ‘Fly Pattern’ and it’s an exciting component of our Detroit Aviation and Airline Collectibles Show,’’ said Kevin Walsh, executive director of Yankee Air Museum. ... We’re a flying museum and that means continually looking for ways to deliver the exhilaration of aviation. Fly the Pattern is engine start, taxi to takeoff, circle the field, land and taxi to hangar all in about 20 minutes. The maneuvers are close and the flying is pure.’’

Cost is $95 and the flight is contingent on all 12 seats being sold. Normally, similar flights are $195 for a bit longer tour, but this shorter ride is being offered because of anticipated demand, officials said.

The Yankee Air Museum is at the Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti, and rides on the Skytrain will be held at Hangar 1, 801 Kirk Profit Drive.

For information, visit www.YankeeAirMuseum.org and click on Book a Flight.

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