Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Craven Community College Havelock campus offers new avionics class

A new course has the potential to bring students in Craven Community College’s Aviation Systems Technology program on the Havelock campus one step closer to a promising post-college job.

The course, known as the aviation electronics technicians course, will be taught by Louis Rivera, who spent 17 years in the military working in avionics. Avionics are electronic systems, including communications and navigation, used on aircraft.

The course will enhance students’ knowledge of electronic systems, Rivera said.

While students in the program already have the option of taking a basic course introducing the fundamentals of electronics, the new course will be targeted for aviation-specific components and provide students the opportunity to learn more advanced electronic systems.

After completing the course, students will receive an aviation electronics technician certification.

Aviation Director Greg Purvis said students who go through the program seek Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certifications in Airframe and Powerplant, but students certified as aviation electronics technicians look good to employers because it indicates that individual can “tackle about any type of avionics situation” and makes the students more versatile in the workforce.

“The Airframe and Powerplant certification is what the student comes here for five semesters to do” Purvis said. “They learn electricity … but what this does, this takes that same student and it’s like getting a doctorate degree all of a sudden in electricity. They’re able to troubleshoot things they would not be able to troubleshoot with just going through the Airframe and Powerplant course we have.”

Having the certification will give students and military personnel who take the course, which can be taken as a standalone course, more options when entering the workforce, Purvis said.

“The reason we’re here is for the student to be able to get a job in the aviation field,” Purvis said. “One of those jobs is in avionics. So the reason that we’re offering this course is to give these students the ability to be hired in the aviation field and avionics.”

The course is set to begin Thursday and take about 16 weeks to complete, Purvis said.

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