Monday, September 19, 2016

Incident occurred September 17, 2016 in St. Johns River, Putnam County, Florida

CRESCENT CITY, Fla. - A seaplane took on water and began to sink after landing in the St. Johns River near the Renegades on the River restaurant Saturday, according to the Putnam County Sheriff's Office. 

The pilot of the seaplane safely landed the aircraft near the restaurant, but shortly after landing, the plane began to take on water and started to sink, officials said. 

A captain with Welaka Charters, Mark Holz, said rescue crews showed up quickly after a plane began to sink. 

"I showed up this morning to get some boats ready, and saw some emergency vehicles show up," Holz said. "I was pretty concerned until I found out nobody was hurt."

Holz said it's common for seaplanes to practice landing in the area, but he's never seen a situation like this. 

Fire rescue crews attached floats to the airplane to prevent it from sinking, and it was towed to the Mount Royal Airport. 

A U.S. Coast Guard aircraft happened to be in the area and assisted until rescue vessels arrived.

According to officials, the pilot was the only person on board the plane and was uninjured. 

Story and video:

PUTNAM COUNTY, Fla. -- The Putnam County Sheriff's Office, Fire and Rescue and the FWC reported to a scene of a minor incident involving a small aircraft on the St. Johns River. 

The aircraft, which is designed to land in water, landed safely on the St. Johns before it began taking on water. This occurred Saturday morning along the 1100 block of County Road 309.

There was only one person in the plane and they were not injured in the incident and were removed by boat.

Floats were attached to the plane to keep it afloat and the plane was towed back to the Mount Royal Airpark. The calls that had come in originally as a plane that had gone down, however that is not the case, as the aircraft landed safely before it began taking on water. 


The pilot of a small float airplane was rescued by authorities using a boat when the aircraft took on water after safely landing on the St. Johns River in Putnam County.

The pilot, whose name wasn’t available, was uninjured in the incident on the river in the 1100 block of Putnam County Road 309 near Renegades Resort. That is in the in the Fruitland area in the southern end of the county, Capt. Joseph Wells of the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, said in a news release Saturday morning.

Wells said after landing as intended the aircraft began sinking. Floats subsequently were attached to the plane to keep it afloat and it was towed back to the Mount Royal Airpark, which is about two miles south of where the incident occurred. A U.S. Coast Guard aircraft that happened to be in the area at the time, assisted until rescue vessels arrived at the sinking plane, he said.

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