Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Incident occurred May 31, 2016 at Albany International Airport (KALB), Colonie, Albany County, New York

COLONIE - Albany Int'l Airport spokesman confirms that a small plane went off a runway.

Doug Myers from the Albany Airport says that a single-engine private aircraft rolled off Runway-28 after it had just landed.

The pilot says that the left wheel brake locked up, turning the aircraft into the grass.

The plane taxied back onto a taxiway under its own power and was escorted by the Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting Department to a nearby hangar, says Myers

The Albany County Sheriff's Office confirms that it was a small single person plane that was taxiing to prepare for take off when it veered into the grass.

The incident happened just after 2:00.

The airport was closed briefly to all traffic while emergency equipment responded to the scene.

Story and video:  http://cbs6albany.com

ALBANY, New York — Albany International Airport has reopened after being closed briefly when a small plane rolled off a runway on landing.

Airport authorities say the single-engine aircraft inbound from Indianapolis veered off the runway just before 2 p.m. Tuesday. They say the pilot, who was alone onboard, believes a wheel brake locked and caused the plane to turn onto grass lining the runway.

The airport was shut down for a short time as emergency crews were sent to check the plane and pilot.

The pilot wasn't hurt and was able to taxi to a hangar.

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