Saturday, April 16, 2016

Accident occurred April 16, 2016 in Wedowee, Randolph County, Alabama

Saturday morning started out with excitement in the Chambers County Sheriff’s department as investigators from the department spent the early parts of the morning searching rural areas of Chambers County near the Randolph County line just north of LaFayette for a downed aircraft that was believed to have made and emergency landing in the County.

The Chambers County Sheriff’s department received notification from the Federal Aviation Administration early Saturday morning in reference to a plane making an emergency landing in rural Chambers County. Authorities quickly began to search for the aircraft and its missing pilot. The aircraft was described as a small airplane.

Authorities with the Chambers County Sheriff’s department, Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, Civil Air Patrol, and Chambers County Emergency Management Agency all conducted the search for the missing aircraft. The Chambers County Sheriff’s department also took to social media in the search posting public input on their Facebook page for citizens who may have witnessed a low flying aircraft in Chambers County.

The social media request for info began to pour in as many on the site noted seeing or hearing an aircraft in area’s stretching from Lanett to Five Points. Shortly after the search began authorities were able to locate the plane in an area near Wedowee in nearby Randolph County. Upon locating the aircraft authorities were also able to locate the pilot of the aircraft and he was uninjured from the downed plane.

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