Thursday, December 17, 2015

Pocatello Regional Airport (KPIH) looking to improve taxiways

The Pocatello Regional Airport could be seeing some improvements to their taxiways soon.

The airport applied for a $3.74 million dollar grant from the Federal Aviation Administration under the Airport Improvement Program to rehabilitate and reconfigure taxiways at the Pocatello Airport.

The grant will require a local match of 6.25-percent from the city which comes to just over $233,000

That money for the local match comes from the passenger facility charges which is collected by the airlines.

Pocatello regional airport manager David Allen says the taxiways are in need of improvement.

"The parallel taxiway is old so the surface is deteriorating and so we want to make sure we resurface it and give it a good clean 20 year life span,” said Allen. “The other two taxiways like I said, the end of taxiway alpha is at a 45 degree angle and taxiway echo is at a 45 degree angle and we want to get those lined up correctly."

If the Pocatello Airport receives the grant construction would begin in the summer of 2016.


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