Thursday, December 31, 2015

Got lots of money? Want to fly directly to Telluride from Denver?

A Broomfield company is offering direct charter flights from Denver to Telluride. For a price.

For $3,450, after you've paid the $6,000 membership fee, you can fly Mountain Aviation's "Telluride Air Club" service directly from Denver International Airport to Telluride Regional Airport on a King Air 200 turboprop airplane, getting to Telluride in less than an hour. A ride-sharing program reduces the one-way price to $2,250.

Telluride Regional Airport currently doesn't have commercial air service; nearly all air travelers to Telluride must fly into Montrose Regional Airport, which is nearly 70 miles away. Telluride Regional Airport is located directly above the town of Telluride.

"Bring your pets, bring your skis and forget the TSA lines," Mountain Aviation said in a statement.

Mountain Aviation also said it's offering "Telluride Air Club" service between Telluride and Dallas, Houston and Austin, but Texas travelers will fly in Citation Excel jet airplane and will pay $12,925 for the one-way service.

Mountain Aviation added that it's looking to expand "Telluride Air Club" service to Phoenix and Los Angeles.

In August, Telluride said more commercial flights will be available this ski season at Montrose Regional Airport.


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