Friday, February 20, 2015

Grand Junction Regional Airport (KGJT) Update

Grand Junction, Colo. - The Grand Junction Regional Airport Authority Board will soon decide what to do with the unfinished building that was supposed to house an annex into the terminal, but has been left unfunded.

According the airport authority board Chairman Rick Wagner, demolishing the $6.2 million dollar building would be the board's last option.

"The FAA funding really isn't available to finish the building so we need to decide whether or not we want to finish it out. How we would finish it out, what purpose we would use it for and if the cost of the finish out process would come to, or would be something that we can recoup in some way by leasing it or something like that and I think we are closing in on that," Wagner said.

If the board decides to finish constructing the building it would be about four times the cost of demolishing it.

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