Friday, February 20, 2015

Davis Field (KMKO), Muskogee, Oklahoma: Airport board to craft strategic plan

Members of the airport board have recently begun discussing the development of an Airport Strategic Development Plan for Davis Field that should be completed this year.

In November 2014 the city council approved the City of Muskogee Strategic Plan which stated that the city should “realize the full potential for improving Davis Field, including runway improvements.” Funds in the amount of $800,000 have been allocated through 2016 for those improvements, said Garry Lynn, Davis Field airport manager.

The plan also calls for creation of a flight school, as well as obtaining funding for hangar expansion, a new terminal and tower.

The strategic plan also said that in 2015 city officials would establish an Airport Strategic Development Plan that “should fully analyze feasibility of revitalizing industrial uses and establish an Airport/Industrial Trust Authority with borrowing authority.”

While modernization to the airfield is in the works, there are no plans to expand Davis Field, Lynn said.

“Diversity is the key to ensure its future,” he said.

There is approximately 500 acres remaining at the airfield that can be developed for non-aviation purposes, Lynn said.

“We need to maximize utilization of the airport property that we currently have to the extent possible,” Lynn said.

He imagines a long-term lease for a very large warehouse would be ideal or a hub for a FEDEX or UPS package operation at the 1,622-acre facility.

“The airport and Muskogee Development staff are constantly meeting with and seeking companies to enhance the economic well-being and growth of the airport,” Lynn said. “There is a letter of agreement with the Oklahoma Army National Guard that allows the guard to train at Davis Field.”

A 97,000-square-foot, $23 million Armed Forces Reserve Center was built in June 2011 on Davis Field Airport grounds, according to the Muskogee Development website.

Davis Field has three runways with the longest lighted runway measuring 7,202 feet and can accommodate airline-size aircraft.

Lynn estimates that of the 11,000 total aviation operations conducted last year at Davis Field about 75 percent were general aviation and 25 percent were military or other aviation.

There are 96 aircraft registered at the airport with 41 being single engine, 54 multi-engine and one jet, Lynn said. However, that information may be misleading, he said.

“Seventy percent of our fuel sales is comprised of jet fuel which would indicate a majority of turbine or jet aircraft activity at the airport,” Lynn said.

Davis Field

ADDRESS: 1200 Sabre St.

HOURS: Open 24 hours. Attended 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. with after hours service available upon request.

SERVICES OFFERED: Aviation and jet fuel, airframe maintenance, line services, sales, avionics, parts and service repair, consulting, pilot training, rentals and flight planning.




LONGEST RUNWAY: 7,202 feet.


KEY PERSONNEL: Mike Stewart, director of public works; Garry Lynn, airport manager.

PHONE: (918) 684-6333.


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