Sunday, December 28, 2014

Pilot ‘forged’ flight permit to rent private jet in United Arab Emirates

A man has appeared in court accused of forging a permit to allow him to fly a private plane in the UAE.

The South African is a trained pilot but did not have a license to fly a private jet nor did he have a co-pilot, a judge was told.

Prosecutors told Ras Al Khaimah Misdemeanors Court that the man forged papers showing he had been given the go-ahead by civil aviation authorities to fly.

The defendant, who lives in RAK, allegedly presented the papers to a local airline earlier this year in order to allow him to hire a jet for private business flights.

The airline later found out that the man had forged the flight permit and that he had no crew, it was claimed.

The firm notified police that the pilot had forged a permit and was attempting to fly a plane without a co-pilot onboard.

The airline told the court this is a violation of both international aviation rules and laws in the UAE.

The airline told prosecutors that the pilot wanted to use the forged papers to rent their plane. Prosecutors investigated the matter and the pilot was charged with forgery.

During the hearing, the man denied forging a flight permit and trying to fly a plane without a proper crew.

His defense lawyer told the judge that the local airline was making false accusations against his client because they owed him more than a Dhs1 million.

The alleged debt stemmed from work the pilot had done for them in the past, he said.

The defense lawyer claimed the allegations against his client were baseless and malicious and asked the judge to acquit him.

The trial was adjourned until January 7.

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