Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New engine arrives for Air India's grounded plane at Lengpui airport

A new engine was being brought from New Delhi for Air India's Airbus 319 aircraft, which has been parked at the Lengpui airport since July 10, after aeronautics engineers failed to rectify the plane's technical problem, officials said today.

But it would take about a month's time to make the aircraft fit to fly again, as engine was being brought here by road, they added.

"A new engine was being brought from New Delhi by road and might take a month to make the aircraft able to fly," Air India officials at the Lengpui Airport said.

The aircraft, operating as Flight no AI 713, from Kolkata, landed safely at Lengpui airport last Thursday but could not take off owing to a technical problem in one of its engines and remained parked at the airport till date.

Aeronautic engineers from Kolkata failed to rectify the technical problem and the engine has to be replaced, the officials said.

Source Article: http://www.business-standard.com