Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Kenosha Regional Airport (KENW) getting energy-efficient lighting

Kenosha Regional Airport is using the rest of a $2 million grant to update lighting around its main runway and build a vault to house its electrical systems. 

Workers are putting the finishing touches on the installation of new lights that will illuminate the airport’s main runway and taxiways.

The taxiways will see light-emitting diodes replace 30-year-old lights. The main runway will get regular bulbs while the Federal Aviation Administration tests LED lights on runways, said Wayde Buck, airport director.

Buck said the LED lighting could save the airport about 70 percent on its electricity bill.

“The lights that were on there were original,” Buck said. “They were 30 years old and needed to be upgraded.”

Vault work

In addition to the new lighting, the $2 million federal grant has funded the building of a vault building that Buck said will house the airport’s electrical systems.

Exterior walls have been erected, and work on the floors and interior will start soon, Buck said.

The electrical vault is expected to cost $1.8 million, with the grant funding $1.6 million for the project. The city and state will each pay $92,500 toward the project.

Runway lengthening

More lights will be needed when the airport’s main runway is extended. Construction on that project will begin next year, but Buck said the airport is doing engineering and environmental analysis for the project.

The main runway is being lengthened by 1,100 feet as a safety measure, Buck said. Heavier planes need more runway for takeoff, and the airport is seeing an increase in larger corporate jets.

“That’s in the planning stages still,” he said. “We’re waiting on an environmental impact study.”

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