Sunday, June 22, 2014

Harrison County Airport (KASL) dedicates WWII aircraft

Music from the 1930s and 1940s sounded while military veterans, predominately Air Force, talked about planes, time served and more at Lone Star Wing’s (LSW) spring fly-in.

Held at the Harrison County Airport in the LSW hangar on a blistering hot Saturday morning, planes were on display for the public, which was able to watch them fly during the Commemorative Air Force’s dedication ceremony of a C-45 aircraft for the hangar.

“I’m proud today to represent the wing and dedicate this aircraft to the veterans of all wars, all areas, those that died, those who were wounded, those who made it back OK,” Wing Leader Mike Cobb said.

The remodeling of the aircraft, which sits adjacent to the hangar, took years to complete and was finished this past April. It traveled from Atlanta and was extensively worked on, receiving wings, new motors, new tires and a new paint job.

“I know how hard work it was; thank you to all of you, the project expediter and everybody else,” CEO and President of the Chamber of Commerce Connie Ware said.

The plane carried critical materials, supplies, intelligence information and a few presidents during its use in World War II.

“It is an aircraft that was used extensively during WWII especially to carry personnel and critical materialists with information plans and so on during the war,” Cobb said “You can bet that such names as Eisenhower, McArthur, Patton... critical figures of the time, were ferried around in this aircraft during that war, therefore it’s called ‘The Expediter.’”

Before guests enjoyed potato salad, pulled pork sandwiches, strawberry cheesecake and other savory foods, Ware let Cobb and the others who worked on plane know that the city was proud of what they’ve done.

“This is just amazing. We’re so proud that you’re located in Marshall and we’re excited that you’re doing such a wonderful job of keeping the memory of these planes and these veterans alive and in good shape,” she said. “Thank you so much; this is a work of love.”

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