Thursday, May 29, 2014

Warning: Hold on to your wallets? Why T.F. Green Airport (KPVD) is hurting

Warning: Hold on to your wallets?
Opinion/Letters To The Editor

Robert Amman: Why T.F. Green airport is hurting


So once again we get word the passenger traffic at T.F Green airport is down. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that airlines have cut back on non-stop flights to many cities.

A family member returning from Nashville on a recent trip had to fly from Nashville to Orlando to Providence. No direct service available. Another elderly family member, who visits every year and prefers non-stop service, can no longer get direct flights from Pittsburgh into Providence and must fly to Boston to get non-stop service.

I understand it’s all about the money for the airlines, but it’s also about convenience for many travelers. I am guessing that passenger convenience may have a bigger impact on passenger numbers than realized.

Maybe the new runway will help by allowing larger planes to use Green. One can only hope.

Robert Amman

East Providence

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