Saturday, May 31, 2014

Aerial ad falls from plane: New Cumberland, Pennsylvania

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"This LB Smith Ford advertising plane barely makes it over the hill above West Shore Plaza flying so low we can hear the wind from the sign which cannot be over 100 feet off the ground. You can hear the engine straining to make the hill and often the pilot has to turn away because the pilot can tell the plane will not clear the hill in a head wind. This plane cannot be flying legally and just like the last guy who used to buzz over this hill at illegally low levels (Martin Grass..former CEO of Rite Aid) hopefully correct legal action will be taken. Sad to say because I like Ford, but this plane and sign and very poor wanna be fighter pilot is a much more serious accident waiting to happen."


A large aerial advertisement banner apparently fell from its tow plane Friday and landed on power lines in New Cumberland.

Amanda Fooks grabbed her camera after the banner fell in the 500 block of Market Street around 2:30 p.m. and snapped a few photos as some people pulled down the ad.

abc27 News has learned the banner was an advertisement for L.B. Smith and the plane took off from Capital City Airport (KCXY).

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