Saturday, May 31, 2014

New destination could be offered at the Dubois Regional Airport (KDUJ), Pennsylvania

DUBOIS, Pa. -- Travelers in DuBois will no longer be able to fly to Cleveland from the DuBois Regional Airport but they will have a new destination. 

Last February United Airways decided to downsize and not go to Cleveland, forcing Silver Airways to choose a new destination.

Officials said the process is not as simple as it sounds.

 "In order to do that they have to serve a notice that they were going to cease service," airport manager Bob Schaffer said.

A notice, which was sent to the Federal Department of Transportation, will decide what airline and destination the DuBois Regional Airport will provide service from and other airlines are able to bid for Silver Airway's spot.

Those who fly have a chance to weigh in, even though the Federal Department of Transportation will choose the airline.

"They look at the bid," Schaffer said.  "They look at the community comments." Those who use DuBois Regional can send their comments to the Federal Department website until mid-June. All flights to Cleveland will continue until a new destination begins or a new airline replaces Silver Airways.

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