Friday, March 29, 2013

Naples Municipal (KAPF), Florida: Airport files lawsuit to delay closing tower

 NAPLES, FL - New details have been released about the FAA's decision to cut funding to three air traffic control towers in southwest Florida. 

 We have just learned the Naples Airport Authority is getting ready to take legal action to keep its tower open.

The Naples Airport Control Tower is expected to close on May 5th, but with this lawsuit, airport officials are hoping it will delay that process at least a few months.

the FAA needs immediate funding with sequester cuts; if they can't get it in time for May because the airport is wrapped up in a lawsuit - they could look to make cuts elsewhere, possibly allowing the Naples airport control tower to remain open.

That's why officials filed the lawsuit, asking the FAA to perform more studies before that May 5th closing date.

"That's the number one thing we'd like to accomplish, I can't imagine if they really went through the process - safety management analysis and environmental issues that they could get done by that time," said Ted Soliday. Naples Airport.

The Naples Airport Authority says that Spokane's Airport filed a lawsuit against the FAA as well.

Many other airports out of the 149 on that closing list are expected to join in.

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