Monday, January 21, 2013

Erie plans to light airport's taxiway

ERIE - Erie officials plan to spend $601,852 to light the town's airport taxiway in a project slated to start in August or September, according to Fred Diehl, assistant to the Erie town administrator.

The light project is expected to receive final approval from the Colorado Division of Aeronautics at a meeting on Monday, Jan. 28, Diehl said in an email. Some $400,000 for the lights would come from the Colorado Division of Aeronautics, or FAA, another $150,000 would come from the Federal Aviation Administration and the final $51,851.85 would come from the town of Erie, Diehl said.

Lights are considered an airport safety improvement, Diehl said. Erie's municipal airport currently is open around the clock; the taxiway is lined with reflectors. The project is expected to be put out to bid after the Colorado Division of Aeronautics approves it, said Russell Pennington, Erie's deputy public works director.

At the same time, the town expects to spend about $250,000 on an airport master-plan update project, which is scheduled to wrap up in August. Funds for the update are coming from the FAA, and from state and local governments, Jason Hurd, owner of Vector Air Management LLC, the private company in charge of running the airport, has said.

The master-plan update is expected to govern proposed development at the airport for the next 20 years - including a possible runway expansion. A crowd of more than 100 attended a meeting in November to hear more about the update.

The airport reported a $90,000 profit in a year after Vector Air Management took over operations, Joe Wilson, Erie's mayor, has said.


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