Monday, January 21, 2013

Southland Field Airport (KUXL) hires new airfield manager

Ohio native Michael McDougall officially accepted the position of airport manager January 17.


Southland Field airport will be soon be under new leadership. Ohio native Michael McDougall officially accepted the position of airport manager Jan. 17. McDougall will be replacing longtime manager Sam Larsh, who tendered his resignation back in September 2012.

The airport's board met in a specially-called meeting Jan. 16 to finalize details concerning the position and to officially offer the job to McDougall. He signed off on his paperwork the next day.

Board member R. K. Levens briefly spoke on the choice of McDougall over other candidates.

"[The board] didn't discuss in depth why we voted the way we did. In my personal opinion, he answered the questions well and he had good input as to how he would manage the airport," he said.

McDougall talked to Southwest Daily News about some possible changes he has in mind for Southland Field.

"I was pretty impressed by the airport but I thought many things could be improved. I feel that it has been heading in the wrong direction, and I want to put the brakes on that," he said.

"I would like to expand the flight school. I want to give more people the opportunity to learn to fly and to make it affordable to do so. I will also make sure there is more emphasis on customer service and values. As well, I want to reach out to more CEO's, especially those in the gas and oil business, and make the airport more attractive," he continued.

Although the Southland Field position will be his first managerial position in the aviation industry, McDougall has worked in the field since 2008. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Administration from Lewis University in Illinois and is currently pursuing his Master's degree in Aviation Science and Transportation, also through Lewis University.

"I expect to complete my Master's degree in 2014. I am working on it online," said McDougall.

Currently, he is in the process of relocating from Ohio to this area in time to begin his new position Jan. 28. Southland Field's former manager is expected to be there to help McDougall settle into the job. Larsh, whose resignation was effective Sept. 30, had agreed to stay on until a suitable replacement was hired. Almost four months later, Larsh has maintained a hand in airport operations, albeit a diminished one.

McDougall is eager to begin this new chapter of his life.

"When I came down for my interview, my thought was that this would be a good place to relocate. I was very impressed by the area," said McDougall, "And I'm excited to see where I can take the airport."

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