Saturday, September 15, 2012

Action packed weekend for Reno Air Races

The third day of the Reno Air Races wrapped up Friday and fans say there ready for the grand finale this weekend.

"When you hear those round engines coming you get goose bumps you just get so excited because you know they're coming," long time Reno Air Races fan Sandy Anderson says.

They're coming and some of them at speeds of up to 500-miles an hour.

"It's always fast, it's always very competitive, these pilots are very skilled, some of the best pilots in the world," R&R partners public affairs with the Reno Air Races Mike Draper says.

And the race is on there will be 12 heat races Saturday and Sunday.

The big dogs, the fastest of the fast, the unlimited gold heat will be crowning a new champion Sunday.

Air race fans can get a chance to see the beautiful works of aviation up close.

About 150 planes are parked in the pits for fans to check out, explore and talk to pilots.

"There's nothing like seeing them in person. I would suggest getting a pit pass going and seeing these airplanes with the big engines in there and the guys working on them," Jelly Belly pilot/owner Kent Pietsch says.

Air show planes will also be flying in between every heat, including the jaw dropping flying of the F-18 Super Hornet and F-22 Raptor.

Pietsch is a pilot and lover of all that is aviation says this is a chance for everyone to come together and watch these amazing planes, their pilots, and remember.

"The tribute is to all of the great people, the freedom I talked about they had in their heart," Pietsch says.

There will be a tribute ceremony Sun. for the victims and their families at 11:30 a.m.

Draper agrees with Pietsch and says the pilots, fans, and community are what the air races are all about.

"Just being back here and being able to laugh and have some fun and even to share some tears with people you haven't seen in a while that's been the best part of the week and I think it will be through the weekend," Draper says.

The Reno Air Races will take off Sat. and Sun. round 8 a.m. and finish up sometime after four.


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