Monday, July 30, 2012

Weather Channel takes to the skies with “Plane Xtreme”

New non-fiction series is about to take flight on the Weather Channel. 

Plane Xtreme, produced by Spectrum Productions (Swamp Men), follows the adventures of a group of pilots who risk their lives flying small planes through numerous adverse weather conditions to deliver general aviation aircraft – ranging from small Piper Cubs to vintage aircraft – from Florida to locations around the world.

Plane Xtreme shows the real dangers of working for this unusual aircraft delivery business, from unpredictable weather conditions to the perils of landing in obscure destinations,” said Michael Dingley, senior vice president of content and development, for The Weather Channel Companies. “Our viewers will experience the fears and thrills of flying undersized airplanes over huge stretches of ocean, where the weather or mechanical issues can quickly become a life or death situation.”

"Plane Xtreme" is sectioned into four half-hour episodes and joins Weather Channel's emerging slate of original series including "Coast Guard Alaska" and "Hurricane Hunters." Should the new show find ratings success, net will pick up more episodes as it did with "Iron Men" this year.

"Plane Xtreme"  will bow October 15 at 9pm ET.

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