Monday, July 30, 2012

Man in critical condition after glider crash near Dundalk, Ontario

A glider mishap in Grey County last evening sent one pilot to hospital in London.

 The glider crashed in Southgate Township, near Side Road 15 and Southgate Road 8. The pilot had ejected from the glider and deployed his parachute just before the crash.

The 57-year-old man from Aurora hit the ground hard. He was air lifted to London Hospital with life threatening injuries.

The pilot was one of several glider enthusiasts from the Toronto Soaring Club that were flying above the Township of Southgate when the mishap occurred.

 A glider crash in Southgate Township has left an Aurora man in hospital with life-threatening injuries.

OPP say the 57-year-old was among a number of glider enthusiasts from the Toronto  Soaring Club that took to the skies yesterday.

Police say the man abandoned his glider around 6pm and deployed his parachute before hitting the ground.

Police say he was unresponsive when emergency workers arrived on the scene.

He was airlifted to a London Hospital.

The Transport Safety Board was notified.

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