Monday, July 30, 2012

Aero AT-4 LSA, 9M - EYM: Accident occurred July 29, 2012 in Kampung Parit Puasa, Ayer Baloi - Malaysia

Samuel Ling.

Malaysian fire and police personnel conducting their investigations at the site of the plane crash.

SINGAPORE: Samuel Ling Shi Min, the 25-year-old Singaporean pilot who died in the plane crash in Pontian, Johor on Sunday, was supposed to begin his postgraduate studies at the Singapore Management University (SMU) in August. 

Professor Bryce Hool from SMU School of Economics said SMU is saddened by the tragic news and would render any assistance possible to Mr Ling's family.

Mr Ling had enrolled into the School of Economics' Master of Science in Applied Economics program.

Singaporean pilot not reckless, friends say

SINGAPORE- Friends of 25-year-old Singaporean pilot Samuel Ling Shi Min who died in Pontian, Johor said they are shocked to learn that he crashed his plane.

Samuel was also an avid diver and his diving instructor, Neo Kah Heng, told Channel NewsAsia that he was persistent in his pursuits but he was never reckless.

Neo Kah Heng, diving instructor at Sunny Cove LLP, said: "When he says he wants to try something, he will go ahead and he will do it until the very end. He will not stop halfway. And he seeks something for interest other than his work. He's very friendly and very humble.

"He doesn't like to talk loud about his stuff. Only when we talk to him then he will just mingle and share a bit about what he's doing.

"He's not the kind to do crazy stuff. I was quite shocked."

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