Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tangier Island a step back in time: Tangier Island Airport (KTGI) , Virginia

Written by Nancy Sorrells 

 On a sunny day in May, we decided to visit Tangier. Because the plane is small and we are not, it was decided that we would make two 30-minute trips from the St. Mary’s airport. The first trip dropped my husband Randy off on Tangier. His specific instructions were to walk from the airstrip into the village, rent a golf cart, and bring it back to the runway. An hour later Bill returned with Sarah and me in tow.

At this point, I must say a word about the landing strip at Tangier — well maybe a few words — but generally I would describe it as just a little bigger than a glorified sidewalk. Bill, however, did a great job of touching down on the landing strip as opposed to the waters of the Chesapeake Bay that lapped all around. The “airport” itself is rustic and laid-back. You can park your plane for $10 a day. Right on schedule Randy brought the golf cart out to the plane to pick us up. Obviously there was no airport security. Dulles International this was not. Thank goodness.