Sunday, July 29, 2012

Obituary: Edward G. Holteen - a member of the Flying Dentists Association

In 1988, Dr. Edward G. Holteen flew his single-engine plane to Jamaica, on a trip that was far from a vacation.

The Fort Washington dentist was flying with another dentist and Dr. Holteen's wife, Sylvia, who recalled that the six-seater plane was packed with dental supplies.

The Holteens drove to a town in the hills, the other dentist went to another remote location, and, for a week, each ran a free dental clinic.

Her husband's arms "at the end of the week were very stiff and sore," his wife said.

Dr. Holteen, 81, a member of the Flying Dentists Association, died Friday, July 13, of lung cancer at the medical facility of Fort Washington Estates, a retirement community in Montgomery County.

His resumé showed that he flew to Guatemala in 1980, to Honduras in 1983, and to Jamaica in 1986 and 1988. A visit to Mexico and a second visit to Honduras were undated.

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