Sunday, July 29, 2012

Metropolitan Topeka Airport Authority policy under fire: Professional service projects are excluded from bidding process


Two local officials are questioning the integrity behind a long-held policy at the Metropolitan Topeka Airport Authority that excludes professional service projects from the bidding process. 

Shawnee County Commissioner Ted Ensley and Topeka City Councilman Andrew Gray expressed concern over the policy. The policy, which has a broader application of the exemption than other area procurement standards, allows the MTAA board to award thousands of dollars in contracts without bidding them competitively.

“The current system in place opens itself up to nepotism, potential favoritism and corruption,” Gray said. “It’s patently unfair across the board, and I hope the city council will take this under consideration for budgetary purposes."

MTAA board chairman Rich Davis couldn’t be reached, but president Eric Johnson stood by the policy.

“I think the exemption is acceptable,” Johnson said. “Our goal is to be fair and equitable across the board. We also need to work in the best interest in the MTAA and the taxpayer.”

Johnson couldn’t find the resolution that first exempted professional services from the bidding process, but he said the policy was in place before he became president in June 2008. The last time the board took any action on the policy was Feb. 20, 2007, when the board in a 4-1 vote changed other aspects of the MTAA’s bid procedures. 

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