Sunday, July 29, 2012

Russian Aerovolga LA-8 amphibious plane runs into rocks

The Islamic Republic of Iran has launched an investigation into the causes of an accident involving a twin-engine aircraft produced in the Russian Federation. 

 The accident occurred on Sunday in the province of Gilan in the north of the country.

There were no deaths however three people on board were injured.

During take-off, for reasons that are not clear, the plane came in contact with rocks which damaged a wing and the landing gear.

A team of rescuers, firefighters and the Coast Guard were all called to scene of the accident.

The aircraft was delivered to Iran from Russia less than a month ago.

Bandar Anzali, July 29, IRNA – A plane crashed near Anzali port in north of Iran on Sunday leaving three people on board injured. 

The accident occurred when the training plane crashed with the sands in Costal park known as 'Qods Boulevard' near Anzali port.

One crew on board suffered a fracture on his leg and two others sustained minor injuries.

Part of the plane wing broke down and one of its wheels was destroyed.

Fire fighters and rescue teams are now carrying the plane to Anzali port.

The Russian made two-engine plane "LIS" was destined to Rasht airport prior to the accident.

The amphibious plane crashed at 12 local time (7:30 GMT) due to technical failure.  

A Russian Aerovolga LA-8 amphibious plane has crashed in Iran's northern province of Gilan, leaving all three people onboard only injured.

The wing of the twin-engine aircraft clipped nearby stones in the coastal park of Bandar Anzali city, located 266 kilometers (165 miles)northwest of the Iranian capital Tehran, at around 12 p.m. local time (0730 GMT) on Sunday as the plane was about to take off.

A part of the wing was badly damaged and the wheels also came off. One of the occupants broke his leg, while the two others sustained minor injuries.

Rescuers, fire brigades and coast guard officials have been deployed to the scene, and an investigation into the incident is underway. Local officials are trying to transfer the damaged aircraft to the harbor.

An unnamed official at Bandar Anzali harbor told IRNA that the aircraft had been imported from Russia into Iran less than a month ago.

A Russian Aerovolga LA-8 amphibious plane. (file photo)