Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pilot hits out at plane noise

Aircraft noise in the Hills is such a problem that even a pilot is complaining about it. 

Dean May, a pilot of more than 20 years, has spoken out against the noise emitted from aircraft taking off from Perth Airport.

Mr May and his family moved to Kalamunda about a year ago after spending four years in Hong Kong and he is shocked by the amount of aircraft noise that wakes them up early in the morning.

“Peak hour for aircraft noise is from 5.30am-7.30am and then after 2.30pm, but many residents wouldn’t be home during these hours,” he said.

“I am a shift worker so I am often home during these times and so I notice it.”

Mr May, who said he recognized there was a degree of irony in a pilot complaining about aircraft noise, claimed the south-west runway at the airport was being favored, which meant Hills resident copped much of the noise.

“Most of the flights are fly-in, fly-out planes or flying doctors and air ambulances,” he said.

He had raised the issue with Airservices Australia and had not received a satisfactory explanation why the north runway was not used more to share the noise around.

An Airservices Australia spokesman said it had made substantial changes to improve community engagement in managing aircraft noises.


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