Friday, April 06, 2012

Republican National Convention in Tampa will mean delays, restrictions for air traffic

TAMPA - Pilots across Tampa Bay will face delays and restrictions the week of the Republican National Convention, said the Tampa Bay Aviation Association (TBAA) on Thursday.

About 75 general aviation pilots gathered to share ideas and training in Tampa.  RNC restrictions were the first order of business, even though the FAA has not yet announced what the restrictions will be.

"We're going to be talking about the history of what's happened in the past, and get ready for what to expect in the future," said Dan Slapo of the TBAA.  "We may not know all the restrictions until 30 days out. But at least now we're preparing."

Pilots flying out of Peter O. Knight Airport, Tampa Business Airport and Tampa International Airport will face the greatest impact, said Slapo. Albert Whitted Airport and St. Petersburg Clearwater Airport will face lesser restrictions, Slapo said.

Capt. Al Taylor, pilot of ABC Action News' Action Air One expects major restrictions in flying anywhere near downtown Tampa. "When it gets to traffic reports and things we do in the morning, the FAA could ground us all morning," said Taylor.

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